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Temporary Management

You need assistance with diverse tasks, such as:

• Expanding into new foreign markets/business fields

  You’re planning to expand into new foreign markets/business fields and are looking for an
  entrepreneur within the company who – with little risk to you – can take chances, or make
  market entry possible?

• Implementation of increased earnings/cost-reduction programs

  You want to incorporate an increased earnings/cost-reduction program into your business
  and want to offer your employees help and support for the realization of these programs?

• Unforseen vacancies in management circles

  You suddenly have a vacancy in a management circle that you can’t fill immediately (finding a
  suitable replacement can often take months) but you can’t leave it vacant without risks to
  your business?

• Review of horizontal cooperations

  Your processing widths and depths in connection with competition in the market – taking into
  consideration rising values and prices for raw materials – make horizontal cooperations seem
  like a suitable solution?

...and many other tasks that you and your team can’t undertake within the busy background of day-to-day business.

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