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Resumé Carl-Albrecht Benker


  since 2012 CEA CAB Consulting GmbH
  2009-2011 Tirol Milch reg. Gen. mbH; A-Innsbruck / Wörgl
  • Company turnaround
  • Increase in profits from 26 cents to 36 cents per kg milk
  • New direction for the brand Tirol Milch with the goal of positioning in the European market
  2005-2008 Molkerei Alois Müller GmbH & Co. KG; D-Aretsried
Interim Management, Trademarks Division
  • Turnaround in this division which had been in deficit
  • Development and incorporation of diverse and highly profitable new products
  • Increase in business activity in Europe
  2001-2004 Molkerei Rücker GmbH; D-Aurich/Wismar
  • Turnaround
  • Strong market share and earnings increase
  • Pan-European distribution expansion
  2001 Founding of the CAB Consulting GmbH

Consulting for diverse businesses in the consumer industry

  1986-2000 Molkerei Alois Müller GmbH & Co. KG; D-Aretsried
  1998-2000 Development of the central department for 'Mergers and Acquisitions'
Mergers/participation in Europe
  1997-1998 Transition from operational business to finished creamery in Leppersdorf and management handover to the new profit center
Late 1998: Achievement of objectives in the division for acid-curd cheese
(Market share: 65% national FRG)
  1994-1997 Acquisition of the operational business Sachsenmilch AG, Dresden
(sole responsibility for turnaround)
Design and development of 'Sachsenmilch' products
  1992-1993 Additional responsibility for 'Molkerei Aue' and 'Milchwerke Mittelsachen e. G.' (turnaround)
  1992 Procurator for 'Molkerei Alois Müller GmbH & Co. KG'
  1991-1992 Special representative for new German states
Acquisition of the operational responsibility for the Dairy Cooperative Chemnitz (sole responsibility for turnaround)
In addition, manager of the newly founded 'Fa. Käsemeister GmbH & Co.' (complete development of the business field acid-curd cheese)
  1989-1991 Product Manager for the trademark “Müller”
Development of diverse new products and the trademark slogan
'Alles Müller, oder was?'
Overproportional market share growth of individual brands
Development and implementation of successful merchandising concepts
  1987-1989 Sales manager Nielsen IV
  1986-1987 Assistant to the sales manager Nielsen IIIb


  1983-1986 Studied Business Management in Stuttgart
Degree: Business Management Diploma
  1982-1983 Military service
  1968-1982 Attended school and finished with a general higher education qualification
  1962 Born in Bayreuth
    Foreign languages: English, French, (German)


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